Church Ministries


Sunday School
Bible Classes are provided for adults as well as children. Each class includes helpful Bible teaching to further develop Christians in their life of service.

Preaching Services
Strong Bible preaching is the norm for each service. This gives food for the believer and light for the seeking.

Junior Church
A special service is provided Sunday Morning so children can hear a Bible message on their own level.

Loving care is given to children under 4 at all services in a very sanitary atmosphere.

Bus Ministry
On Wednesday evenings, we have a bus service for the youth of our community.

Fishers of Men Ministries International is the mission arm of Fishermen Baptist Church. We support missionaries and mission projects in some 20+ countries directly. The heart of our church is in missions.

Radio Ministry
Our pastor broadcasts on 50+ radio stations plus satellite daily, giving a mission message.

Our music is very conservative. We use the old hymns of the faith (no contemporary singing off the wall). You may call us old-fashioned in our singing.

Fishermen Baptist Church

Fishers of Men Ministries International